Horse Boarding

                                                                        ***Virginia Certified Thoroughbred Boarding Facility***


         Powhatan Plantation offers numerous services:

Boarding: 24/7 on call staff, the top veterinarians and farrier services in the area, housing available for your staff (overnight or long term) and plenty of space for trailer parking. 
Stables: 3 barns totaling 40 stalls available to our clients, layup stalls filled with the finest pine shavings and maintained with fresh water on a daily basis and all barns are in close proximity to the training track and turnout paddocks.
Pastures: Well over 600 acres of well fenced pastures and paddocks of cool weather grasses that make year round grazing possible, fresh water troughs and our personnel can accommodate any special diet your horses may need (mares and foals for example).
Training Track: 3/4 mile irrigation track that is ideal for training and conditioning horses.  
Location: We are located 16 miles east of I-95 Fredericksburg, and 3 miles west of Route 301.